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Lansing Michigan Social Security Attorney Explains the Hearing Process

During a Social Security disability hearing, the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) or your Lansing disability lawyer will ask you a series of questions regarding your past work experience to decide what type of work you used to do and whether you are still capable of performing such tasks. In general, the Social Security Administration (SSA) considers “past relevant work” to be any substantial gainful activity you have performed within the past 15 years. You will be asked the same questions for each job that you have held within these past 15 years.

First, the ALJ or your Lansing disability lawyer will ask you a series of questions relating to the background of your employment. Such questions may include information about the name of your job, the employer, how long you were employed and whether it was full-time. You will most likely also be questioned about the type of duties you performed at your job, how much you earned and the reason you stopped working. Another major question will be in regards to whether the physical or mental impairment at issue in your disability claim affected your ability to perform your job.

Next, you will be questioned about the level of exertion you engaged in while performing your job. For instance, you will have to describe if you regularly carried a significant amount of weight and the distance you carried such heavy objects.

Finally, the ALJ or your attorney will ask you about your work environment and the level of skill required to work on this particular position, including technical knowledge requirements.

Although these questions may not seem like a big deal, if you attend this hearing without any proper preparation by a knowledgeable and skilled Lansing disability lawyer, you may jeopardize the outcome and success of your case. For more assistance, contact Lansing disability lawyer.

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